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Ken Block’s Gymkhana 6 Replicated With RC Car (VIDEO)

Think you’re pretty handy with a remote control car? This guy is a master.

Ken Block; the master of tyre smokery and crazy cool car stunts. He is a sort of god-like figure in the eyes of those who see hooning not as an immature pastime, but as a way of life.

Now Ken has some competition. You might call this competitor a dude who’s pretty handy with a remote control car, we call him Micro Ken. As the name suggests, he’s just like ordinary sized Ken except much smaller.

Like big Ken Block, Micro Ken drives a tricked out Ford Fiesta ST racing car, usually sideways, and he has an unruly hatred for tyres and eco-memtalists, kind of. He’s also moderately awesome.

Now watch Micro Ken in action…

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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