Michael Schumacher Update and The Moments He Was Airlifted To Hospital (VIDEO)

Michael Schumacher Goes Through 2nd Operation

We brought you details of Michael Schumacher’s progress yesterday after doctors told us they could only monitor his situation hour by hour, and today, the seven-time Formula One World Champion showed a few signs that he is relatively stable after a second operation during the night.

“The scan show us that the situation is once again stable, better than yesterday, but still fragile, still critical” doctors said during the press conference.

“He is still not out of danger; we are unable to say he’s out of danger; the coming hours are crucial,” Dr Jean-Francois Payen said.

The second intervention took place at 22:00 and was to eliminate a hematoma on the left side and to improve inter-cranial pressure; it took about two hours and a scan confirmed that there are still a lot of various hematomas inside the brain.

There were 7 people involved in operation.

“We are unable to evacuate the other hematomas at this moment; so the plan is to not evacuate the other hematomas at this moment,” doctors said.

When asked if a transfer is possible to another hospital in Germany, Dr Jean-Francois Payen said “transfer to another hospital in Germany is very dangerous at this moment”.

Schumacher, 44 remains critically ill in a coma and his body is being kept at about 34-36 degrees Celsius (89.6-93.2°F) for the next 24-72 hours, the former F1 doctor Gary Hartstein tweeted.

‘Extremely shocked’
Schumacher was skiing with his 14-year-old son Mick in the French resort of Meribel when fell and hit the side of his head on a rock.
According to the ski patrollers who arrived just minutes after the impact, Schumacher was unable to respond to simple questions and was airlifted to a small hospital in Moutiers.

According to un-confirmed reports, the impact was so severe that the helmet cracked.

This video shows the helicopter rescue of Michael Schumacher

Written by Lewis Shaw

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