2014 BMW X5 and X5 M Sport Revealed (PHOTOS)

BMW lifts the lid on their more luxurious, lighter, and more frugal X5 SUV. Carhoots have the first official pictures of the new 2014 BMW X5 and X5 M Sport.

Behold, the new BMW X5. To design it, what BMW appear to have done is take their ugliest two cars, the 5 Series GT and the X3, then mold them into one big clump of brown. Unless you pick a color that isn’t brown, then you’ve got a clump of some other color, obviously.


The outgoing X5 does not look like a seven year old design at all, it didn’t really need a whole lot of styling tweakery. But BMW have taken a hammer to the metal and completely restyled it anyway. In the process the X5 has grown in every direction but its lost 80kg of flab compared to the outgoing model. The front end now incorporates BMWs connected headlight design language which means the busy lamps and gaping grille have been made enormous to ensure they feed into each other in a similar way to the 3 Series. Is it just me or are the proportions a bit off?


The side profile isn’t too bad. The lines are smooth and that small air vent behind the front wheel is a nice subtle and classy, yet sporting and actually functional touch. That sloping rear tailgate is cool, too. 

2014 BMW X5 and X5 M Sport Revealed.

But, it’s around the back where the 5 Series GT inspired design really leaves its whale shaped mark. The shape of those taillights looks a bit odd and really exaggerates the vast amount of metal between the bottom of the rear window and the lower bumper. 


The interior isn’t overly different from the outgoing model, or any other BMW product for that matter, but it does look fancier, shinier and browner – which is good. Protruding from vast expanses of brown is a 10.2-inch display which dominates the dash design and features all the usual BMW sat-nav, parking cameras, radio controls and tech gizmos. All models feature Dynamic Drive Control which adjusts throttle sensitivity, eight-speed auto gearbox behavior and electric power steering weight depending on whether you’re in Eco-Pro (horrible), Comfort (nice), Sport (sharp) or Sport Plus (sharper) modes.


Safety or laziness technology includes a bunch of airbags and the usual acronyms. But also lane departure warning, pedestrian collision warning, and Active Cruise control with Stop & Go. The Stop & Go bit allows the system to stop and accelerate automatically in heavy traffic. BMW will also soon make automatic steering at speeds of up to 25mph available through Traffic Jam Assistance as well, very clever.

Beneath the metal is the same basic chassis from the current X5, but the front and rear tracks have been shortened by 4mm each. There are three different suspension tunes available, the standard steel sprung setup, or the optional Comfort, Dynamic, and Professional tunes that use air springs. Dynamic and Professional suspension tunes come standard with clever adaptive dampers, too. 

New- 2014-bmw-x5

Initially BMW will offer three engines in the UK, the least expensive being the £47,895 3.0liter straight six turbo diesel XDrive30d model which now produces 254hp/415lb ft of torque and delivers 45.6mpg. The XDrive30d takes just 6.9 seconds to hit 62mph, which is pretty brisk for a big diesel SUV. But the 444hp 4.4liter (that’s a lot of fours) V8 Xdrive50i or 376hp 3.0liter triple turbo diesel straight six M50d models are available for those who like their two-ton SUVs to maul sports cars with 0-62mph times in the low 5 second range and the sort of emissions figures that would make hippies want to carve naughty words into your SUV’s body panels.  


A 2.0liter 215hp turbo diesel four banger will be added shortly after launch and promises to deliver 50mpg (hippies take note). Weirdly, you’ll be able to buy this model and the 302hp 3.0liter twin turbo petrol model with either all wheel drive or rear wheel drive via the SDrive option, which I should imagine will do wonders for the X5’s already shabby off road dynamics. But who buys an SUV for its off road abilities these days anyway?

The new X5 goes on sale during November with prices ranging from £42,590 for the two-wheel drive SDrive25d to £63,920 for the XDrive50i. That’ll give you plenty of time to warm to the new styling.  

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By Aiden Taylor (@AidenT_RD)

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