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Gran Turismo 6 Vision Concept Sees VW Pimp Up The Scirocco!

VW pimp up Scirocco in GT6 Vision Concept

VW pimp up Scirocco in GT6 Vision Concept
While all car-(…and shoe) making companies participating in the Gran Turismo 6 Vision project have the creative freedom to conceive whatever type of vehicle they want for the series, we imagine that they also want their designs to retain strong ties with their respective brands.

We could be wrong, since for the time being, Volkswagen has limited shared information on its GT6 Vision Concept to the following single sketch, but the first thing we thought upon seeing it was a dynamic and futuristic interpretation of the Scirocco coupe-hatchback. What do you think?

According to the most recent report, VW doesn’t plan to replace the Scirocco with an all new model before 2017, but it will refresh it with a heavy facelift later this year.

via: CarScoops

Written by Lewis Shaw

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