Scenic Mexican Highway Collapses and Crumbles (VIDEO)

Mexican Road Landslide

Mexican Road Landslide
Shocking video footage is coming out of Mexico where a highway between Ensenada and Tijuana has collapsed 40 feet after a series of heavy rain and seven earthquakes.

The toll road, which is popular among tourists traveling between Ensenada and Tijuana, fell into chasm that was caused by a landslide from the quakes and rain. Nearly 900 feet of road was damaged in the collapse and reports indicate a chasm 40-feet deep and 200-feet long formed from the landslide.

Fortunately and perhaps miraculously, nobody was hurt. Although a cement truck was caught in the collapse with the driver managing to escape before the truck lunged into the pacific.

According to several news reports Mexican authorities are expecting the road will take nearly a year to repair.

Check out the incredible collapse from a bunch of different views below. This is crazy!

Written by Lewis Shaw

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