This Bugatti Belt Buckle Is $84000 Worth of Stupid


When a Belt Buckle is worth more than a standard luxury ride you know there is something going a miss. This $84,000 Bugatti belt buckle is just plain stupid.

BoldRide report: There’s been a bit of a resurgence in the trend of car seatbelt buckles as fashion accessories. Walk into any hipster’s clothing store of choice and you’re likely to see theCorvette, Mustang, and a few other names branded distastefully onto a seat belt designed to hold up your pants.

For reasons unknown, Bugatti thought this new trend would be worth investing in. Except there’s only one problem — unlike the $20 or so it would cost you for a Corvette belt buckle, this Bugatti belt will set you back about $84,000. That’s more than the cost of your current vehicle (unless you own a Bugatti, obviously).

But why in the name of all things good does a Bugatti belt buckle cost $84,000? Designed by famed Geneva watch-maker Roland Iten, this one-of-a-kind pants holder consists of “lightweight titanium and stainless steel,” and “has been entirely handcrafted, polished and assembled by master craftsmen in high-precision watch-making in Geneva, Switzerland.” Wow. Much fancy.

As you would expect, an $84,000 Bugatti belt buckle designed by a famed watch-maker doesn’t just come with holes and a strap. Oh no, this belt features an extensive “click-free click” feature which allows the wearer the perfect width around his waistline every time. Welcome to the height of luxury.

via BoldRide

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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