DMC teases 988hp Lamborghini Aventador Edizione GT

DMC teases 988hp Aventador Edizione GT

DMC teases 988hp Aventador Edizione GT

If the standard 700hp Lambo Aventador doesn’t hit the spot. German tuners DMC luxury has an insane $290k solution.
Before you guys get too excited, this is still just a concept from German Tuners DMC Luxury and these images are just renders, but it still a freaking beast.

Just like Lamborghini, the ‘LP’ number refers to the horsepower. Which means that DMC is about to release an Aventador with nearly 1,000hp.

While the official ‘teaser’ announcement is unwilling to confirm that 988hp figure, it links through to DMC’s Flickr page, where corroboration is plain to see. Exactly how the power increase has been achieved remains a mystery at this stage, but at least the output goes some way towards justifying Edizione GT’s appearance.

The bodykit alone is set to cost an eye-watering $89,990  while the proposed engine work – whatever it is exactly – has been priced at $134,530

That’s a grand total of $288,888 all in. – roughly what we’re expecting Lamborghini to charge for an entire Huracan, the recently announced replacement for the Gallardo.


DMC teases 988hp Aventador Edizione GT


Written by Lewis Shaw

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