Fast & Furious Confirm Paul Walker’s ‘Brian O’Connor’ Character Will Be Retired and Not Killed Off

Brian O’Connor (Paul Walker) will ‘retire’ and not be killed off from Fast & Furious 7

Since Paul Walkers tragic death in November, rumours and concerns have been circulating as to what will happen to his character in the upcoming fast and the furious movie.

Fast and Furious execs have already pushed the release date of the movie to April 2015, and now they have confirmed that Paul Walkers character Brian O’Connor’ will be retired and not killed off and the franchise will continue.

Hollywood reporter wrote:

“The plan is to “retire” the character in a way that the studio hopes will satisfy fans of the franchise and make use of the existing footage of Walker,”

More details of Paul Walkers crash is also being released by LA police who confirmed the accident was not caused by drag racing;

“We have received eyewitness statements that the car involved was traveling alone at a high rate of speed,”

According to TMZ, the Carrera GT started to hydroplane and lost traction after hitting the markers – called Botts’ Dots. Most of the dots are made of plastics like polyester or various ceramic materials.

Brian O’Connor (Paul Walker) will ‘retire’ and not be killed off from Fast & Furious 7

Written by Lewis Shaw

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