Man Caught Driving With “No Hands” Banned From Driving (VIDEO)

A UK car mechanic  has been banned from driving for being caught with his his hands behind his head while driving.

Richard Newton was driving at 60mph using his knees to steer when cops caught him on a mobile speed camera. His (rather weak) defence was, “he was only having a stretch”  and was this was due to “bad back problems” as he avoided a possible jail sentence today.

What did he receive for this ‘crime’? Newton was banned from the roads for 12 months and was given a 12 month community order including 100 hours of community work.

From my perspective it looks like a very uncompromising position. Perhaps he had a lady friend helping him ‘steer’…

What do you think folks? Does he deserve to be banned from driving for a year? Watch the video below:

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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