This V12 Coffee Machine Is Ready To Crank Up Your Morning

Car lovers rejoice, “the most beautifully engineered espresso machine in the world” is finally upon us in the shape of this badass Espresso Veloce V12 espresso machine.

The details (see below) are sublime, with coffee filters delicately shaped like oil filters and chrome exhaust tubes dispensing the brew and even has pistons for espresso cups!  This beast is a car enthusiasts dream.

There will be only 500 of these machines made, sprung from the forge of the Arte Meccanica Mastrogiuseppe, after company founder Paolo Mastrogiuseppe.

So then. How much does this badboy cost? Get ready for it….as the pricing details put this at a whopping $15,000. It looks like rich gear heads like Lewis Hamilton’s of this world will be able to afford for that ultimate cup of coffee.

For now we can only dream!


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Written by Lewis Shaw

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