Battle Of The Batmobiles: ’60s versus ’80s Batmobile? (VIDEO)

Who are you’re bets on: the 80’s Batmobile vs. the 60’s Batmobile in a drag race.

Each batman film the fable Batmobile is reworked, restyled and relaunched as the ‘best Batmobile yet’.  Which brings up the question of which Batman had the best car? And by best, I mean fastest.

The folks at Super Power Beat Down staged a drag race to find out which one was fastest, the original Ford Futura based Batmobile or the 1989 custom GM-chassi’d Batmobile. Basically Adam West vs  Michael Keaton.

If you want hear them debate Batmobile styling then watch the whole video. Skip to 7.20 for the actual race and weirdly the sexy red head presenter gets in a bikini for a Batmobile car wash. Odd but strangely satisfying!

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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