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Investigators Explain The Causes Of Michael Schumacher’s Skiing Accident (VIDEO)

Investigators explain Schumacher accident

Investigators explain Schumacher accident

French police investigators have finally shed some light on the causes of the Michael Schumacher’s Skiing accident last week, which has left the Formula One legend in a critical state.

While rumors circulated the internet claiming Schumacher was going too fast, the French investigators have ruled this out with Lt. Col. Benoit Vinneman saying speed was not considered a significant factor.

 “His pace was completely normal for a skilled skier”

Investigators have been helped by the recording from the Go-Pro high definition camera that was attached on Michael Schumacher’s helmet. This did allow them to notice that although Schumacher wasn’t going particularly fast, he did have to slow down when he hit a certain part of the slope.

In addition, Schumacher’s skis were almost new.

“The rock that he hit was 8 meters from piste. His position after he fell was 9 meters away from the piste. So we examined the film,  that confirmed all the information we had. We used this film to do a reconstruction of the accident,” the French investigators said.

See the video below for more information…

Written by Lewis Shaw

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