‘Mater’ The Pickup From Pixar’s Cars Is Real And It Does Colossal Burnouts (VIDEO)

Okay, so this is just a fan copy of Mater from Pixar’s Cars, but it looks the real deal and it does epic burnouts.

The replica truck is a 1950 International built by Mark Gibbins down in Oz, aka ‘Land of the Hoon’. It regularly makes the finals of their burnout summer festival Summernats. Here’s a Summernat summary of the Truck in the finals…

“You won’t see this 1950 International V8 tyre-shredding tow truck at Disney on Ice, but if there’s ever a Disney on Burnout Pad, watch out!”

Lightning McQueen can learn a thing or two from rusty old Mater. That is one colossal burnout!

Written by Lewis Shaw

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