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WTF! A Cow Rides Backseat Of A Citroen In Ireland!

WTF! Cow Rides Back Seat Of A Car

 WTF! Cow Rides Back Seat Of A Car

We are going animal crazy today. First we saw the little Racoon Mechanic, now we’ve seen a cow riding the back seat of a Citroen in Northern Ireland!

Carla Quinn, of  was driving home from work in Ballymena, Northern Ireland last week and spotted what she initially thought to be a dog. After looking a little closer though it is of course a big ass cow.

The funny thing is that it isn’t actually illegal to transport a cow in the back of a car, according to the PSNI. Though it is “ill-advised”.

I guess we might be seeing more animals riding shotgun this winter then. I don’t blame them though. It is freaking cold!

It is not against the law to transport a cow in the back of a car, according to the PSNI. Though it is "ill-advised".

Written by Lewis Shaw

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