Elephant Brutally Flips VW Polo In Safari Park (VIDEO)

Elephant Turns On Car In Safari Park

Elephant Turns On Car In Safari Park
If you thought you were safe on a jungle safari you better think again after watching this terrifying footage of an elephant rolling over a VW.

This was captured in Kruger International park, with the attack being as brutal as it looked.
Sarah Brooks and Jans de Klerk were taken to hospital after the attack as the elephant overturned their car a couple of times, pushing it off the road. In the process the angry elephant’s tusks ripped through the back of Brooks’s upper thigh.

The anonymous person who filmed and shared the video clearly saw that the agitated elephant was going to cause trouble when he flipped his ears and charged towards the Polo Valkswagon. But that behaviour didn’t deter Brooks and De Klerk who kept driving closer to the animal.

The Kruger Park National Park management (rather controversially) shot and killed the elephant to prevent it hurting other people but it has sparked an outcry on social media sites. The same animal had apparently been in previous fights with other animals on the site.

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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