The Crown Prince Of Dubai Has Reportedly Spent $800,000 On Crazy Water Cars


This crazy amphibious car is about to hit the market for $135,000, and it’s certainly getting everyone’s attention. The Panther seems equipped to handle pretty much anything, from slick city streets to rough seas.

Ever since WaterCar inventor Dave March posted a video of the Panther’s amazing capabilities in June, he’s been bombarded with a flood of interested buyers, from NASCAR drivers to Silicon Valley tycoons. Even Sheik Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, the crown Prince of Dubai, has gotten involved in the craze, reportedly ordering six of the cars.

“I’ve got guys that are throwing money at me,” March said to the Orange County Register. “It’s a fun position to be in.”

The Panther is a more rugged, more affordable version of an earlier model called the Python. That first car could reach a record-setting speed of 60 mph on water, though the $300,000 price tag made it inaccessible to most buyers.

The Panther is smaller, easier to maintain, and half the price. WaterCar sells the Panther as a kit, meaning that buyers must hire a third party to install the engine. The owner must also register it as both a boat and a car.

Here’s the video that started it all — watch as the Panther takes on everything from city streets to sand dunes to the water. 


Written by Lewis Shaw

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