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Mexican Drug Lord ‘Busted’ Because Of His Supercar Lifestyle On Instagram (PHOTOS)

Mexican Drug Lord Gets Busted Because Of His Absurdly Baller Instagram (Photos)
This Mexican drug lord believed he was the ‘real life’ Scarface. He lived the lifestyle of  the ultra rich and famous and boy did he like to show off his wealth.  This lead to his downfall as he pretty much incriminated himself by posting photos of him flashing his cash on the popular social networking site Instagram.Whether it be celebrity photos, sitting behind the wheel of a Lamborghini or holding a solid golf AK-47 assault rifle Jose Rodrigo Arechiga Gamboa was living it.
Do these photos look like pictures of a Mexican drug lord to you? Hmmmm…..

El Chino Antrax El Chino Antrax El Chino Antrax El Chino Antrax

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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