Which Is the Best Bugatti Veyron Out Of These 3 Awesome Models?

The Best Of Bugatti

The Best Of Bugatti

The Bugatti Veyron is one of the most insane vehicles ever produced. The first version of the Veyron contained an eight-liter, quad-turbocharged W-16 motor, good for 1,001 horsepower and 922 lb-ft of torque, enough to power an entire village’s worth of Honda Civics. It’s one of the fastest vehicles ever built, and it holds the world records to prove it.

Sadly, we’ve reached the end of this era of excess. Bugatti will no longer manufacture new versions of the Veyron – once the current stock is gone, they’re done forever. Since we (and the auto community at large) will miss this warp-driven egg, we put together a list of the three coolest variants to ever grace asphalt:

#3 –Grand Sport L’Or Blanc

The Bugatti Veyron L’Or Blanc is one of the most visually striking Veyrons on the road (or, probably, sitting in somebody’s garage). Bugatti teamed up with the Royal Porcelain Factory in Berlin to create a single L’Or Blanc, which translates to “white gold.” The porcelain look covers the Bug both in an out, and it makes it look more like an expensive centerpiece than a full-on hypercar.

Bugatti Veyron L'Or Blanc

#2 –Jean Bugatti Vitesse Legend Edition

This is one of the rarer Veyron variants on the market, as only three Legend Editions were made. The whole point of the Legend Edition is to throw back to one of the most sought-after vehicles on the planet, the Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic. The body is black, and the interior is covered with beige and brown, both of which are aesthetic homages to the definition of old-school cool. To top it off, the gear lever is finished in rosewood. Fancy.

Bugatti Veyron Legend Edition

#1 – Grand Sport Vitesse World Record Car

If you think a standard Mustang GT Convertible is a fast drop-top, think again. The Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse World Record Car is a limited-edition Veyron that celebrates Bugatti’s capture of the world record for the fastest open-top production car. On Volkswagen’s test track in Germany, the Grand Sport Vitesse hit 254.04 miles per hour. And the orange paint gives the vehicle some loudness to match all that speed. Eight models went on sale for about two-and-a-half million bucks each.

Bugatti Veyron WRC

Written by Lewis Shaw

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