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Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel Mock Justin Bieber’s DUI Arrest (VIDEO)

jimmy kimmel and jimmy fallon mock justin bieberJimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel show that they’re definitely not Belieber’s as they slate Justin Bieber’s DUI arrest.

Fallon kicked the comedy proceedings off with a 2 minute rant with funny quirps like “They Took His Juice Box Away” And of course, then his police mugshot flashed up Fallon really laid into Bieber, “I don’t know if I’m looking at a mug shot or a Proactiv commercial,” said Fallon.

On another late night talk show Jimmy Kimmel matched Fallon’s banter by trying to hilariously pinpoint the exact moment that things took a turn for the worse. “2012, starting to get into bag of douche territory”

Watch both comedians seriously lay into Justin ‘Badboy’ Bieber below:

Then Bieber gets a late night skewering from Jimmy Kimmel:

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Justin Bieber DUI meme
Justin Bieber DUI Meme

Written by Lewis Shaw

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