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The Second Lamborghini Veneno Is Now In Florida (VIDEO)

That first production Lamborghini Veneno has landed in South Beach, Florida, and the even better news is that you’ll be able to see it out there on the roads. That’s a promise.

Remember Kris Singh? He’s one of the two Americans who paid $4,106,000 for one-third of the Veneno population without seeing the car. All he could choose was the trim color from the options provided by the Italian tricolor, and he went with green.

Since I had the pleasure of meeting him, I can tell you that Kris is an extremely nice guy and more importantly a proper car nut, so when he says he’ll take his Veneno for a spin on the streets as often as he can, you can take it to the bank.

All you great people in Florida, please watch out for this one!

For more pictures, head over to the DuPont Registry!

Written by Lewis Shaw

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