Is Your Car Frozen? Definitely Avoid These Polish Guys…

Those of us who live in areas with tough winter conditions know all too well what it means to have your automobile covered from top to bottom in snow, or even worse, a thick layer of ice. Depending on your relation with your ride, there are several ways to address ice-related problems – and yes, if you lack access to a heated garage, letting your car thaw naturally is one of them…The following video-incident of a Peugeot 106 covered in frozen water was forwarded to us by Carscoops’ reader Jaros?aw K. who noted:

“I’m sending you a video with a completely frozen Peugeot 106 in Nowy S?cz, Poland. The guys manage to open the car by using a rubber mallet.”

And no, this is something we do not advise doing…

Written by Lewis Shaw

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