Policeman Who Became ‘Worldwide Laughing Stock’ After Smashing Up OAP’s Car Wins $700,000 Payout (VIDEO)

The Policeman who became a worldwide laughing stock after smashing up a old age pensioner’s car got a handsome $700,000 compensation. The video of the said incident went viral instantly and has amassed over 30 million views worldwide.

PC Mike Baillon was forced to retire from the force and seeked damages after his unfair treatment and loss of his pension from the Gwent Police force. Despite seeming quite shocking the arrest was deemed ‘perfectly acceptable’  in the context of as the runaway driver was evaded capture and was a danger on the roads.

Watch the controversial ‘Smashing Up OAP’s Car’ video below. What do you think? Was he in the right or wrong?

Written by Lewis Shaw

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