Michael Schumacher Is Not Responding To Stimuli As Attempts To Bring Him Out Of Coma Fail

If you haven’t been worrying about the fate of Michael Schumacher, perhaps now is the time to start. Doctors have spent the past two weeks attempting to bring the seven-time Formula One World Champion out of the coma he’s been in since a December 29 skiing accident, but attempts to elicit responses to “deliberate stimuli” have been absent. Rather, Schumacher has only displayed reflex twitches.

The report comes from Germany’s Bild-Zeitung, which was picked up by Fox Sports, so we’d like to stress that this is not an official update. Schumacher’s medical and PR teams have been quiet since the initial announcement that doctors would begin easing the German’s sedative levels.

According to the German publication, Schumacher’s wife, Corinna, continues to spend her days at the driver’s bedside, talking to him. Patients in Schumi’s condition have been known to show improvements when being exposed to a continuous, familiar voice. As explained in previous posts, patients that remain in induced comas for too long may never wake up, or if they do, suffer from mental deficits and personality changes.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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