Listen to Volvo’s V8 Supercar engine ROAR (VIDEO)

Volvo Polestar Racing V8 Supercars engine

Volvo plans to take on the Australian racing scene this year in V8 Supercars. To compete in V8 Supercars, you need, um, a V8. A really big, really loud and really powerful V8.

Step forward a pair of Volvo S60s modified by Polestar Racing, featuring the Volvo B8444S. This engine features a unique setup with a 60 degree aluminium cylinder block, a 5.0-litre capacity, modified Volvo aluminium cylinder heads, eight throttle bodies, port injection – with one injector per cylinder – steel cylinder liners, a cam chain and a compression ratio of 10:1.

The 650 HP Volvo Polestar Racing V8 Supercars engine

Written by Lewis Shaw

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