Twitter Backlash: Lotus F1 Apologizes For ‘Controversial’ Pro-Gay Tweet

Lotus F1 Gay tweet

The Lotus Formula One Team got in the spirit of the games and tweeted a good luck message to everyone in the Winter Olympics, before the Opening Ceremony on Friday.

lotus f1 gay tweet

The F1 team are known for being more controversial on Twitter (they produced a comical set of rule changes for example, after gaining double points in the last race this season) and the good luck  caption was accompanied with an image of two men kissing, presumably showing their support for gay athletes, in a stand against new anti “gay propaganda” legislation in Russia and fears of violence in Sochi.

However, the Lotus Formula One team later deleted the tweet and apologized , stating  that the original tweet was “unauthorized.” They wrote, “We would like to sincerely apologise for an unauthorized message posted on our Twitter account today & will ensure this cannot happen again”.

One reason for deleting the tweet, could be to stay in the good side of Russia. There are multiple business interests, firstly beccause Russia is set to host its first Grand Prix later this season on a track around the Sochi Olympic Park, and secondly, the BBC have claimed that the Lotus F1 team is hoping to close a deal with Russian mobile phone company Yotaphone, to sell it 10 percent of the team.

It seems this recent post took it a step too far for the sponsors, risking their grand plans!

Here is some of the backlash it got on twitter:

Written by Lewis Shaw

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