Bad Super Bowl Bet Cost This Ford Dealership $300k (VIDEO)

A Missouri Ford dealership’s Super Bowl weekend sale cost it big when the improbable happened. Hutcheson Ford ran a promotion from January 29 to February 1, called the Super Weekend Sale. The gist was, if any customer purchased a vehicle between those dates and either the opening or second-half kickoff of the big game was returned for a touchdown, the dealership would refund the purchase price.Backfired: Hutcherson Ford promised to refund the price of any vehicle if either half of the Super Bowl started with a kickoff return for a touchdown
In the dealership’s defense, it seemed like a safe bet. According to the mathematicians, there was just a 2.5-percent chance of either half opening with a touchdown return. But that didn’t stop Seattle’s Percy Harvin from doing his part to ruin Denver’s evening, returning the second-half kick for an 87-yard touchdown run. Twelve Hutcheson customers were eligible for refunds thanks to the return, with prices ranging from $10,000 to $55,000, according to Automotive News. The total amount shelled out by the dealership? $300,000.

Never forget: Hutcherson Ford VP Michael Tucker says he will never forget Percy Harvin, but will make the promotion an annual event

“At least we’re not like that furniture guy that lost $7 million,” dealership marketing manager Kathleen Frazier told AN. We think it was a big success.” The dealership did take out insurance to cover its losses, meaning the $300K won’t come entirely from its pockets.

Touchdown: Percy Harvin's return for a touchdown cost a Missouri car dealership more than $300,000

Written by Lewis Shaw

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