Watch Rob Dyrdek Set An Insane Reverse Car Jump World Record (VIDEO)

Apparently if you’re good on a ramp, you’re good on a ramp – be it with a skateboard underneath you or a subcompact hatchback. That’s the lesson we’ve gotten from pro-skater and reality television star Rob Dyrdek, who recently set a world record for the longest jump off a ramp in a car… going backwards.
Officially nailing the record for “Farthest Reverse Ramp Jump by a Car,” Dyrdek hit a mark of 89 feet, 3¼ inches, while performing a so-called “kick-flip” off a ramp in a Chevrolet Sonic.The skater professes to be “a Chevy guy,” saying in a press release that using the Sonic as his preferred ramping tool, “just made sense.”

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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