Team Galag Show Off Their Gumball 3000 McLaren P1 In Dubai (PHOTOS)

team galag mclaren p1

Team Galag’s are now stamped in Gumballl 3000 history as the Saudi duo were responsible for a custom Tumbler Batmobile that made waves all over the world.

How can they outdo themselves this year? With the hottest hyper car in the world right now, the magnificent McLaren P1.

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They took it for a spin in Dubai last weekend and supercar photographer extraordinaire Sam Moore was there to take these jaw dropping photos of Team Galag’s McLaren P1

Here is what team galag had to say about it:

“A couple of weeks ago, we took down our McLaren P1 to Dubai for a little fun. This coincided with one of our favorite photographers, Sam Moores, being there and we couldn’t help ourselves and decided to do a little photo shoot.” via

SMoores_14-02-08_Dubai P1 Trip_0508 NamedSMoores_14-02-08_Dubai P1 Trip_0288 front 34 NamedSMoores_14-02-08_Dubai P1 Trip_0264 NamedSMoores_14-02-08_Dubai P1 Trip_0241Named

Written by Lewis Shaw

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