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Face It, Car Touch Screens Suck. Except This One (VIDEO)

Car interfaces are generally pretty dire. There, I said it. In a world full of touch screens in our homes, in public, and even in our pockets; you think car manufacturers would  wise up and get with the times.

We spend a lot of time in our cars, and a lot of money on them. Why should we settle for a low-res touch screen crammed with buttons, when the traditional plastic button worked better? Touch screens were implemented as a selling point, rather than a new intuitive way of controlling your car.

But a guy named Matthaeus Krenn has come up with an ingenious new interface that would revolutionize how we interact with our cars.


It’s not perfect. Hell, it looks confusing, and working out how to use it would be a challenge. Would I remember how many fingers to use to control air flow whilst flying down the freeway? Probably not. But it’s definitely a step in the right direction.


But car makes should take note; and who knows, maybe we will see Android or iOS in our cars within the next few years. They need to take a step back, and build an interface from the ground up that’s easy and fast; just like this guy has done.

Have a gander at the concept UI in action below.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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