Drag Race: You Won’t Believe The Sports Cars This Lotus Elise S Beat (VIDEO)


Everybody loves a good old drag race, because at the end of the day the one question every car enthusiast has on their lips is: which car is quickest in a straight line? A no-nonsense drag race soon sorts the ‘men from the boys.’

Drag Race: Lotus Elise S

That is exactly what happened in this drag race that puts the contenders for the ‘best sports cars of 2014’ up against each other. With one hell of an impressive line-up: The Lotus Elise S vs Nissan 370Z Nismo vs  Porsche Boxster vs Toyota GT86 vs Audi TT,  it looked like it would be a close battle.

However, the Lotus Elise S wiped the field! Can you believe it?

We can, as although it may have a comparatively smaller engine to the Porsche Boxster and Nissan 370Z Nismo, this no-nonsense sports car is incredibly lightweight with equally impressive performance figures.

Watch the Lotus demolish its competitors below…

Drag Race: Lotus Elise S

Drag Race: Lotus Elise S

Looking for a sports car? No doubt you’re thinking about a Lotus Elise S, now. Our friends who produced this video at have a simple car search that takes the ‘carfuffle’ out of buying your dream car. Check it out here 

Written by Lewis Shaw


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