#NekNomination Is Dead #BurnoutNomination Is Where It’s At (VIDEO)

The internet drinking game #neknomination has seen better days and is now becoming a bit old.

So enter #burnoutnomination which is quickly becoming the hottest thing on the internet right now. It’s the same format as #neknomaination – film yourself doing your most outrageous burnout and then challenge a friend to do the same. They have 24hrs to respond.

I’ve seen a lot of drivers recently respond to a #burnoutnomination challenge. But I never expected a Jeff Zwart in a rare Porsche 914-6 to enter the challenge. This is getting big!

If you didn’t know already, Jeff Zwart is a Pikes Peak racer and Porsche hoon. He has nominated designer and Porsche builder, Magnus Walker aka Urban Outlaw. Magnus is bit of an underground legend in the auto world and if he gets involved we’re pretty sure the internet will EXPLODE!


 #BurnoutNomination Photos:
burnout-nominate2005 Ford GT Burnout

Profile, driver's side, tires smoking, 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 Dodge Challanger Burnout

nissan-350z-burnout-nominationNissan 350z Burnout

Written by Lewis Shaw

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