Dubai Ridding Roads Of Pesky Peasants?

A lot of people in Dubai are doing pretty well for themselves, to say the least. It’s basically the capital of the world for wealth. And it seems this may have gone to their heads a bit, as Dubai are now looking to prevent poor people from using the roads.

Yep, it’s as ridiculous as it sounds. It seems the roads just aren’t spacious enough for the rich folk.

Hussain Lootah is the man behind this move, attempting to rid Dubai of heavy congestion. The plan is, to make car parks, fuel prices, and insurance, much more expensive; essentially meaning those that can’t bathe in their own money won’t be able to use their cars to get around.

An all too common ridiculous sight in Dubai

They are also planning to implement a strict rule, which prevents those under a minimum salary threshold from owning a car. Of course, because it’s Dubai, the minimum salary might be pretty hefty. And those in power will probably throw money in an attempt to make driving a very exclusive club, for their ludicrously expensive vehicles.

Of course, the poor have been reminded by Lootah that there’s always the lovely public transport available. The Metro is being expanded in the future, and there are a number of luxury buses to hop on. Since when can the words “bus” and “luxury” be used in the same sentence, especially when they’re public?

At least the police won't be facing restrictions
At least the police won’t be facing restrictions

Nothing quite like having your independence stripped off of you. I feel as though the ability to own a car should be a basic human right. I mean sure, congestion, pollution, and rush hour queues have to be combated in some way; but sensible options such as awareness schemes and carpooling have been dismissed already. But these kind of stupid ideas some how slip through. The luxury of some, seems to be far more important than convenience for the entire population.

Perhaps the idea of ridding the roads of peasantry is far more appealing than solving the original problem itself.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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