Keep Your Car Fresh With The Invisible Air Freshener ‘Perk Vent Wraps’

Keep Your Car Fresh With The Invisible Air Freshener 'Perk Vent Wraps'

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Nothing beats the smell of a nice new fresh and clean car, but let's be honest, how often do we actually have a clean fresh smelling car?

If you are like us, you will lead super busy lives. Cleaning your car isn't high up on the weekend 'to do' list, especially when you know it will only be a matter of time before the kids get their greasy hands in all of the places you have just cleaned.

But while keeping your car looking clean might be difficult, keeping your car smelling clean and fresh just got a whole lot easier thanks to the new PERK Vent Wrap air freshener.

PERK'S new amazing vent air freshener features a StediScent® that is so discreet it is near impossible to see as it simply clips onto your vent, leaving your passengers to wonder how you get your car so fresh.


Available in five awesome scents;  Clean Laundry, Golden Vanilla, Lush Valley, New Car and Absolute Zero, each vent wrap lasts for 60 days. Our favourite? The 'New Car' scent! There is no better feeling than driving a new car, the smell of the new interior, leather, and general freshness… Perks fresheners will have you feeling like you are driving a new car every single day, no matter how smelly your kids and dogs might be.

PERK is also great as it is liquid free which means there are no leaks which often give an overpowering scent that can be too much. In fact, the scratch and sniff feature on the packaging is so good you will find yourself scratching through the card board.

Keep Your Car Fresh With The Invisible Air Freshener 'Perk Vent Wraps'

We were lucky enough for PERK to send us a bunch of samples and while the guys in the office have been fighting over them, we have put some aside to give out to Carhoots' loyal followers so you can check them out for yourselves.

If you just want to buy the PERK Vent Air Fresheners, they are available at Advance Auto Parts, Walmart, Target and other national retailers that sell automative air fresheners. But  Be sure to Like PERK on Facebook to stay up to date on all the latest product news and promotions!


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Written by Lewis Shaw

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