Criminally Careless Truck Driver Pins Renault Into a Pole

When you’re operating a large piece of machinery like a truck with a very long trailer and you’re going in reverse, forget about the laws, common sense itself says that you should have someone outside guiding you and warning other motorists.

This past Sunday, a careless truck driver in the Russian city of Chelyabinsk near the border of Europe and Asia, took off at speed in reverse and entered a busy road smashing into an older generation Renault Scenic and a van coming from opposite ways.

The Kamaz truck pinned the Renault into a pole.

According to Russian media reports, while the driver and his wife were not injured, as the car withstood the crash well, their 1-year old child suffered some non-life threatening “soft tissue injuries”, with the police stating that the mother was holding the infant in her hands instead of placing it in the protective child seat in the car, which also goes against common sense…

By John Halas


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Written by Lewis Shaw

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