The 8-Bit Miata Drift Car Returns: Chuckwalla Stage

8-Bit Miata Drifts Chuckwalla Stage.S

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The past Feb 8th 2014 we towed the 8-Bit Miata to Chuckwalla Valley Raceway for NASA AZ track/drift day. Together with our friends from team EA Finishes and other local Arizona drifters we made it to the track late at night and set out campground over the cold asphalt in the middle of the desert.

8-Bit Miata Drifts Chuckwalla Stage.

8-Bit Miata Drifts Chuckwalla Stage.

Early next day more drifters arrived including Pro Formula Drift driver Danny George who also drives a Miata… an LS1 V8 and NOS powered Miata, but this was quite an opportinuty for Bryan Young (aka the 8-Bit Drifter) to get some feedback on modifications and techniques to get the little car properly sideways.

8-Bit Miata Drifts Chuckwalla Stage.S

Since Danny’s team pulled an all nighter to get the car ready for Chuckwalla and started driving from Las Vegas since 2AM they were pretty beat up when they got here. That didn’t stopped Bryan to ask Danny for advice while he was trying to take a nap. (Oh yes, that’s Danny George inside an Aztek’s built in tent)

8-Bit Miata Drifts Chuckwalla Stage.S

Finally after an entire day of drifting, the Miata couldn’t drift anymore…. because it ran out of tires!!! And here’s the video proof that you can drift a fully stock Miata with only a welded differential at 80MPH!!!

[embedded content]

Like with any videogame, there’s some hidden easter eggs in the video also a secret “warp zone” so let’s see if you can find them.

Hope you guys enjoy the video, we had a blast and we are looking forward to make more fun 8-Bit Drifting videos. Please share!!!

8-Bit Miata Drifts Chuckwalla Stage.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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