5 Wildest Debuts and Show Cars at the 2014 Geneva Auto Show

The Wildest Debuts of the 2014 Geneva Auto Show

Outside of themed aftermarket car shows like Las Vegas’ SEMA extravaganza or local events, we’re not accustomed to seeing wild tuner cars and otherwise bizarre creations featured among established makes. But unlike, say the Detroit auto show, where even relatively well-known tuners like Shelby are occasionally relegated to the basement, Geneva puts its most eccentric rides front and center. Outfits like Mansory, Gumpert, ABT, Sbarro, and more get equal weight—which means there’s no shortage of utterly insane stuff within easy reach. Here are our favorites, from the middle of the 2014 Geneva auto show floor:

Giugiaro Clipper Concept

Looking like a somewhat anonymous mashup of Audi and Volkswagen concept-car styling cues, the Clipper gets quite a bit more interesting when you open the doors. The fronts tilt up butterfly-style, while the rears arc skyward in a gullwing fashion. With the doors open, the Clipper looks caught mid-explosion, and any show car that looks like it’s going to pieces at its debut is wild to us.

Gumpert Explosion

Before we move on from the topic of explosions, allow us to present the Gumpert Explosion. Featuring what is easily the craziest name we’ve heard in quite some time, this Gumpert creation generates excitement sitting still. But that’s mostly because we caught ourselves wondering if—or when—it might switch from internal to external combustion. Gumpert says it bestowed the tube-frame, custom-bodied, 420-hp Explosion with “uncompromising style.” Maybe the explosive original plans for the car exploded, because the finished car looks like the son of a Scion tC and a Hyundai Tiburon wearing a body kit. Pricing starts at €105,000 ($145K!)—what, there’s no line?

Lazareth Wazuma V8R

We say why worry about your unique, coachbuilt ride’s body when you could skip bodywork altogether with something like Lazareth’s Wazuma V8R. Or maybe you’re more of a unicorn-seeker? Well, you’re in luck: This four-wheeled pseudo-trike is perhaps the only thing—vehicular or otherwise—in the world that combines Suzuki Swift headlight units with a Ferrari V-8. Yep, stuffed up real close to your jumblies is a Maranello-born screamer powering a pair of narrowly spaced rear wheels. Think of it as a Can-Am Spyder, but French. So truly and weirdly French.

Nimrod Katyusha Ferrari 458

Whether tuners manage to trick owners into sacrificing their pricey exotic cars on the altar of “enhancement,” or tuners themselves own the cars doesn’t matter—sometimes we just don’t get it. For every Liberty Walk 458, there’s a disaster like this, built by an organization named Nimrod. Once a 458, this Italian stallion’s been laden with what appeared to be half-inch-thick fiberglass and bondo “styling kit” and coated in a combination of poorly applied white vinyl and model paint. Don’t worry, all that extra weight is certainly offset by the wooden—seriously, wooden—rear wing wrapped in carbon-fiber-look sticky paper, as well as the rear fascia’s mesh grille that fell out when we wiggled the spoiler to confirm its woodiness.

Sbarro Espera École Fléche Rouge

We were divided over this Fléche Rouge styling exercise, which was brought to the show by Sbarro Espera École, a design school that puts students “in the path of Franco Sbarro.” A bit of history on Sbarro: He’s not exactly a subtle guy, and he created stuff like this wheeled golden phallis and a truly frightening-looking wearable motorcycle. Although we’d never pay to be “put in his path,” a handful of students who did whipped up this intricately detailed, open-cockpit red number, the Fléche Rouge. It has some cool old-school fighter-plane styling cues, including a pinup girl, an aggressive front intake, uh, hole, and awesome exposed laydown front coil-overs. But trust us, there is a lot going on here—and it’s certainly wild.

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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