Allegiant Airlines Doesn't Care If Your Wife Died

Allegiant Airlines Doesn't Care If Your Wife DiedS

Washington State resident Jim Terry and his wife Roxann had a trip to Disneyland planned, but she became ill over Christmas and sadly passed away a few weeks later. Now, Allegiant Airlines refuses to refund the widower, citing its non-refundable fare policies. I cry foul!

“My feelings have been pretty tender. My birthday was January 12th. The funeral was the next day,” Jim Terry told Seattle’s KTVB. January 12th was supposed to be a joyous day for the Terrys, celebrating Jim’s birthday at Disneyland. The trip had been booked in October.

Jim called Allegiant to explain the tragic situation, but the airline told him there would be no refund, no exceptions. Allegiant went on to tell him they should have purchased their optional travel insurance. The Terry family says they really need the $1,000 airfare refund, as they still have to pay some medical bills and buy a grave marker for Roxann.

Mr. Terry said he submitted a written letter to Allegiant after being denied over the phone, but was told a reply will take two months. It’s understandable that airlines have fare restrictions, for very good reasons, but this is certainly a circumstance that warrants some good will. Here’s hoping that Allegiant will come to their senses and do the right thing.

Allegiant Airlines photo by the author, Paul Thompson

Written by Lewis Shaw

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