An Even More Compact Bentley Speculated for 2020

In the not too distant future, we might see manufacturers having all size classes covered, and we’ll be able to see…Aston Martin superminis (okay, that has already happened) facing off against Rolls Royce city cars.

The industry could be going in that direction, as apparently Bentley is considering an even smaller model than anything it has today, and it could launch said model by the year 2019.

The Geneva motor show sidelines have revealed this, through Bentley’s top sales and marketing exec, Kevin Rose. He told Autocar magazine, “It’s hard to be certain what the market will demand that far into the future. At the moment, our line of thinking is for a smaller car. But smaller doesn’t necessarily mean cheaper.”

It is part of a larger scheme to “do something genuinely new” through the unique placement of the brand, and this could also mean the creation of a car even more expensive and exclusive than the Mulsanne, though it seemed like a fitting flagship on its own…

By Andrei Nedelea



Written by Lewis Shaw

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