Chrysler Wants Schools To Kill 93 Vipers For No Good Reason


A school in Washington has been ordered to destroy a rare Dodge Viper that was donated by Chrysler for educational purposes. South Puget Sound Community College was informed that it has two weeks to crush its pre-production Viper. It was the fourth ever made, and features a prototype hard-top.

In total, Chrysler has ordered 93 donated Vipers across the US to be destroyed. It is standard practice in the company for damaged or unsellable vehicles to be donated to schools, giving students the chance to work on real, modern cars.

The agreement with the donated Vipers is that once they are no longer of educational value, the cars must be destroyed. Due to their age, Chrysler believes that this is now the case. Furthermore, it does not believe any of the Vipers hold historical value, so it won’t be saving them.

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Initially, The Olympian reported that a professor was told it was due to the fact that other educational Vipers had been wrecked, however Chrysler told Yahoo! Autos that they are unaware of any such incidents.

It seems like a huge shame to crush it when an enthusiast would gladly snap it up. And although the technology may not be of value to the students, it is an exciting, aspirational vehicle that can motivate them to work hard.

The model at SPSCC is not road legal, as it has no emissions controls or speed restrictors, allowing approximately 600bhp from the 8.0-litre V10.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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