Classic Car Club Manhattan Is Looking For A New Wrench

Classic Car Club Manhattan Is Looking For A New WrenchS

Running the hottest fleet this side of Detroit (the other side, too) isn’t always easy, but easy isn’t always fun.

The world famous Classic Car Club Manhattan is on the hunt for a new, whip smart mechanic that can tick a few boxes. Those boxes being:

1. Mechanically multi lingual – Si capisce l’italiano? Verstehen Sie Deutsch? Our cars come from all over the world and they’re finicky ladies for sure. Exotic experience gets you far around this club.

2. Self starter? We have dozens of cars on hand and they’re always changing. All one needs to do is walk around the club to find work that needs to be done. We don’t really want to tell you what needs it (but we surely will at times). We’re interested in someone who can manage themselves, their time, and their output.

3. Do you love motorsport? We don’t just drive to dinner, you know. CCC has a fleet of race cars that get driven very hard. We need you in the pits so we can get on the top step and shower you with our victorious bottle of champagne. Hopefully you have experience sleeping in trailers.

4. Can you build anything really cool? Like a cuckoo clock, automatic potato peeler or a death ray? You will do well here.

5. Do you play well with others? We’re a people place, not some backwater garage. If we have to look at you, we’re going to want to joke around with you too.

6. Experience behind the wheel is good.
You say you’re a mechanic, but were you ever a throttle technician?

7. Can you roll your own tools in here? If not, you’re probably not the kind of guy or gal we’re thinking of.

If you think you’re ready for one of the most coveted job in cars, let us know. Applications must be posted via Twitter. If you can convince us in 140 characters, you’ve gotta be good. Hit us up at @CCCManhattan before March 10th to be considered.

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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