Classifieds’ Car Of The Day: Audi RS2 Super Estate

Audi RS2 3

For all the exciting new metal to be unveiled at this week’s Geneva motor show, it was something a little older that got us the most fired up: the Audi RS2. Displayed alongside the RS4 Nogaro Edition – which celebrates the RS2′s 20th birthday – this rapid estate was the first ever RS car from Audi.

Audi RS2 4

The RS2 was developed in conjunction with Porsche, which is why it’s treated to a set of Porsche ‘Cup’ wheels, and 964 Turbo-style wing mirrors. The most important changes were under the bonnet, however. The 2.2-litre turbo five-pot from the already fast S2 was given a working over and the standard turbocharger ditched for a bigger unit.

Audi RS2 2

The result is 311bhp and 302lb/ft of torque. With the current RS4 producing 444bhp and its RS6 big brother chucking out a massive 552bhp, that doesn’t sound like much, but that sort of figure in a practical estate car was positively alien in the RS2′s day. It’s hugely fast, too. 0-62mph takes just 4.8 seconds, and at the top end it’ll do 162mph. The 0-30mph time is even more impressive, though, at just 1.5 seconds – that made it quicker to 30mph than an F1 car of its day.

Audi RS2

If you fancy one of these amazing cars on your drive, we suggest you give this one a look. The 128,000 miles on the clock isn’t a bad figure considering the age. It’s spent much of its life in New Zealand, so the bodywork hasn’t been subjected to our rubbish British weather and the nasty salt that coats the roads in winter. It has been modified, but nothing too crazy: a remap from renowned Audi specialists MRC has brought the power up to an impressive 370bhp. It’s up for £16,995.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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