Could There Be A Market For Luxury Construction Vehicles?

Could There Be A Market For Luxury Construction Vehicles?S

CASE dolled up an excavator to match a Ram 3500 Laramie Long Horn, complete with a stitched-leather seat that looks like the best possible place to smoke butts and dig holes from. It’s obviously just for show but it made me wonder, what if this was a thing you could buy?

Bear with me for a second, and remember that there was a time when luxury utility vehicles were a preposterous idea. Now trucks like Laramie Rams, King Ranch Fords, and Denali GMs print money for their respective badges.

Construction is generally a lucrative industry, is it really that much of a stretch to imagine the same contractors who will plunk down $50,000 for a pickup wouldn’t spend some extra bucks for a little more flash and luxury on their serious equipment?

I’ve seen some pretty swanky semi-truck cabs, and I know tractors can get pretty fancy. So why is the world denied blinged out bulldozers?

Could There Be A Market For Luxury Construction Vehicles?S

Doesn’t look like Ram and CASE have actually had it out in the dirt yet, but I guess they did a decent job of photoshopping the elaborately decorated 580 Super N Wide Track into “the woods.”

Does anyone see something like this creating a demand for itself, or would it just rot on dealer lots?

Written by Lewis Shaw

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