Even More Luxurious Range Rover Variants in the Works

The Range Rover L Autobiography, in new long-wheelbase trim, is currently the most expensive and exclusive one you can buy, costing just shy of $200,000. However, the brand’s new Land Rover Individual Products division’s stated goal is “designing and creating a portfolio of brand extending products, ranging from high value halo vehicles to life style merchandise,” according to official information.

We now learn from Indian Autos Blog that an even more luxurious version of the Range Rover than what we have now is “absolutely” coming. The news was passed on by Land Rover’s design head, Gerry McGovern, who used words like “individuality” and “ultimate level.” No time frame for when one of these will hit the dealer inventory lists was specified, though.

I wonder who they’re building it for and why, since the regular L Autobiography is honestly more car than anybody would conceivably need – now with legroom too…

Expect everything to be quilted with contrasting thread, and the leather that you thought was okay before to be discarded in favor some special hide from who knows where the cows are groomed only from head to tail, whose higher price will be easily justified with the right wallet-opening epithet…

If they want to rival Bentley and Rolls Royce, they might as well just do it overtly and build a Range Rover sedan based on a Jaguar frame – platform sharing is a thing right now, so why not take full advantage of it? The move is in the industry by its technical name: reverse-CX17.

By Andrei Nedelea



Written by Lewis Shaw

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