For $4,750, Here’s Your Morning Wood

For $4,750, Here’s Your Morning Wood

The classic ships of yore – schooners, noah’s ark, etc- were all built with wood. Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Country Squire is coincidentally a land yacht paneled in fake wood, but will its price also have you saying yes I would?

Hi, I’d like you to buy this new homebrew I’ve just concocted, it’s made from other beers and some stuff that I found laying around, maybe some shoe polish or old Clamato. Here, you try it, as I’m done sipping it.

You wouldn’t drink that, would you? No, I didn’t think so. And according to 72% of you, paying eighty five hundred for someone’s questionably complete 1970 VW Squareback with an EJ25 should also be on your NOT to-do list. That poor VW owner has tried moving that wagon for months, but to no avail. At least it’s a reasonably sized car and probably doesn’t take up too much space, unlike today’s candidate.

For $4,750, Here’s Your Morning Wood

Many of you don’t remember the seventies, either because you are too young to have been born when they took place, or are perhaps old enough to have lived through them but have managed to drink them from memory due to most of the decade being so lame.

In automotive terms, the ’70s represented an era of great upheaval, what with emerging emissions standards, safety requirements, and international monetary fluctuations making a lot of imports into the U.S. ridiculously expensive. It was the best of times, it was the… well, in fact when it came to cars, it was all pretty bad.

For $4,750, Here’s Your Morning Wood

But before the shit went down however, and American cars were forced to get small based solely on a Steve Martin comedy bit, Ford produced a series of wagons that were as vast as the American dream, and as much its embodiment as mom, apple pie, and the missionary position.

This 1972 Country Squire is just such a car. Riding on a 121-inch wheelbase, this massive longroof can accommodate 6 across its wide two rows. That’s its limit though, as apparently this Squire doesn’t have any seats in its back-forty. Regardless, this vinyl woodgrain over buttercup car has a lot going for it.

For $4,750, Here’s Your Morning Wood

It’s said to only be on its second owner, who bought from the original’s estate, and it only has 45,000 miles on the clock. It also has more brightwork than an orthodontist’s waiting room.

The powertrain is comprised of a 400 cid Cleveland V8, which this year was rated at ariound 160-horsepower. Remember that starting in 1972 manufacturers rated their engine power in net ponies, rather than the more generous gross numbers. The 2bbl engine here is mated to a C6 3-speed, which is generally considered to be a damn-fine slusher.

Racking up points in the minus column, that engine is said to have an exhaust leak and the seller says it could stand a tune. That would mean a check of the timing (nd advancing the hell out of it, I’m just saying’) as well as replacing the points and condenser. Again, most of you are so young you probably have never even seen a set of points. Considering that this Ford has an engine bay that you could conceivably walk around in, what better place could there be to learn?

For $4,750, Here’s Your Morning Wood

Other problems are the ominous note that there’s ‘very little rust’ and the admission that the rear gate is stuck closed. It’d be a bigger issue if it were stuck open, I’d aver. Other than that and some faded dreams carpet, this looks like a pretty solid runner, and I don’t even mind the retro-modern Mustang wheels!

You’ll now need to decide if you agree with that assessment, and more importantly, if this low-mileage monster is worth its $4,750 asking price. What do you think, is that a price that gives you wood, or does that make this a Country Squire that’s overpriced by a country mile?

You decide!

Raleigh Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to Jay-Michael Sutton for the hookup!

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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