Geneva: Hamann BMW M6 Mirror can now cash the checks its body writes

Hamann BMW M6 Mirror

Anyone remember the Hamann Mirror? Need a refresher? The Mirror is German tuning company Hamann’s idea of a BMW M6. It was shown at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show as an M6 Gran Coupe, sporting a ridiculous paint job and some meaty, multi-spoke 21-inch wheels.

Consider this car the Mirror Mark 2. Based on the M6 Coupe, Hamann has applied a similar visual theme, using the same 21-inch wheels from 2013. Whereas the Gran Coupe rode around with a stock powertrain, though, there’s been no such restraint with the two-door Mirror. A fine 620 horsepower is available from the 4.4-litre, biturbocharged V8, an increase of 60 horsepower. Torque is up as well, from 501 pound-feet to a whopping 560, meaning this M6 has speed to match its looks. Hamann claims the Mirror’s newfound grunt allows it to hit 100 km/h (62 miles per hour) faster than the standard M6 (we’d certainly hope so), although it won’t mention a specific number.

The suspension, meanwhile, has been dropped 1.37 inches, or about a third of an inch lower than the Frankfurt Mirror. That drop is complemented by the Mirror’s bodywork, including the exposed, carbon fibre hood and the flared fenders, which can now accommodate the enormous 305/25 rear rubber. Hamann has also paid some attention to the front and rear aerodynamics.

We’ve got a full gallery of the Hamann Mirror on the floor of the Geneva Motor Show. You can also scroll down for a look at the official press from Hamann. Have a look and let us know what you think of this aftermarket effort.

Hamann Mirror-GC for BMW M6 Gran Coupe at IAA 2013

Endowed with 560 hp (412 kW) at 680 Nm, the M6 Sport Coupé (F13 type) covered in strength without any doubt is one of the world’s most powerful Gran Turismos. This is exactly where tuner Hamann with its “MIRR6R” concept comes in, perfectly sticking to its philosophy which has been valid for 28 years: there is hardly any production vehicle which could not be refined, individualised and optimised.

One year ago, the long-established company from Laupheim, Germany once again delivered the optical evidence: at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, Hamann presented the spectacular “MIRR6R” for the first time. A customised, extra-wide special Hamann edition based on the BMW M6 with a mirror-like finish that simply took the audience’s breath away: wide-body concept, bonnet made of visible carbon fibre, lowering by up to 35 mm, sports exhaust system with brute sound – a mere masterpiece of individualisation.

Incorporating the option for electronic power advancement into the sensational “MIRR6R”, Hamann now also starts into the race for top lap times. Thanks to the new, specially aligned additional module*, Hamann now boosts the car up to 620 hp (456 kW) at a peak torque of around 760 Nm. This equals an increase in power by more than 10 per cent and gives the “MIRR6R” package the super sports car’s purebred racing performance. At the 2014 Motor Show, the specialist for exclusive BMW refinement will showcase the exceptional coupé in the matt grey special painting “Stealth Grey”.

Over 10 per cent more power and torque: plus 60 hp, plus 80 Nm

With Hamann’s additional power the “MIRR6R” wins the 0-100 kmh sprint ahead of the production model, which already has a sprint time of 4.2 seconds only. For equally phenomenal deceleration, the German refinement expert recommends the carbon-ceramic brake system of the M series. The high-tech carbon and ceramic materials ensure exact control, increased fading stability and thermal resistance in extreme situations. A reduction in unsprung masses and weight savings by almost 50 per cent compared to the conventional M compound brake disc have a noticeable effect on brake power and steering precision.

Precise matching of all suspension components

At this point, the Hamann team additionally focuses on a smooth adjustment of all suspension components with an exclusive combination of wheel and tyre: customised sport springs with lowering of up to 35 mm offer great direct driver feedback and stability even when the M6 is pushed to the limit. All this is supported by the extremely resistant and ultra-light forged wheel of the exclusive Hamann wheel edition specially developed for the M6: the ravishingly designed “Unique Forged Formula 21″ catches the eye by its precious double-spoke design with central locking and matt black finish – the “Anniversary Evo 21″ has a multi-spoke design, a classical matt silver finish, and clearly emphasises the high racing performance demands.

By exclusively cooperating with Vredestein, Hamann goes even one step further. The result of intensive development is the perfect alignment with the “Vredestein Ultrac Vorti R”, which carries the Hamann logo on its wall. The high-performance tyre is specifically tailored to Hamann’s demands and is characterised by convincing driving performance in both dry and wet conditions. It features excellent cornering, optimal grip during extreme acceleration and deceleration, and noticeable optimised steering precision. Suiting the body and the suspension components of the “MIRR6R”, Hamann equips the front axle with 265/30 ZR 21 wide tyres and the rear axle with 305/25 ZR 21 for maximum power delivery.

Development goal: perfect symbiosis of performance and individuality

Although the driving performance of the “MIRR6R” is highly addictive, it is primarily the extraordinary design by Hamann that causes a sensation. A true masterpiece: the bonnet completely made of visible carbon fibre. It combines Hamann’s independent design vocabulary and highest material stiffness, and weighs as little as 9.5 kg.

The sophisticated details of the aerodynamics kit are anything but discreet, they rather are a guarantee for impressive appearances and eyes filled with amazement. The front spoiler’s filigree construction with elegant details such as a double lip ensure adequate downforce values and a distinctive, sporty aggressive style. The wings, which have grown by 40 mm in width allow for the coupé’s radically wider stance and enable a handling suitable for the race track. Additionally, the aerodynamics concept’s design language embraces seamless lines: they flow across the prominent side skirts with their large air intakes to the rear skirt, which grabs the attention by the integrated carbon Venturi diffuser. The diffuser incorporates the premium sports exhaust system with two carefully built and silver anodised tailpipes. This exclusive manufacture produces such a brute sound that eventually elevates the “MIRR6R” to the league of super sports cars. The three-part centre rear panel provides for additional down force.

In the cockpit and on the headrests, the driver can enjoy noble leather Alcantara applications. In true motorsport style, pedals and foot rest are made of high-class aluminium. If desired, the refinement specialists from Laupheim add illuminated trims in chrome and many other materials.

The individual components can also be purchased separately. Hamann refines the cars at its headquarters in Laupheim as well as at international partner sites.

For high-performance vehicles, HAMANN uses and recommends high-performance lubricants from LIQUI MOLY.

All elements marked with * are racing parts without German TÜV approval. Performance values stated above may vary depending on engine type, the vehicle’s equipment, gearbox, transmission ratio, wheel/tyre combination. To achieve optimal performance with petrol engines, Super Plus 98 ROZ or higher petrol types need to be used.

Please visit for more press releases and images of the extensive Hamann programme.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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