Jaguar To End XK Production to Make Way For New Sedan And F-Type Coupe

Production of the Jaguar XK is to end in the summer, the company has announced.

Sales of the coupé and cabriolet models have dropped to less than 4000 units per year, following the launch of the F-type models.

Jaguar says that it wants to focus on other upcoming models, including the new XE saloon and F-type coupé that will steal even more sales from the XK range, as it enters a busy 18-24 months.

Sales of the Jaguar XK stood at around 1000 units in the last three months of 2012, but in the last three months of 2013 – following the launch of the F-type – sales were down to only a handful of units, the F-type effectively killing off the XK model on which it is loosely based, despite the two models’ substantially different price point and positioning.

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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