Let's Help Jimmy Fallon Pick A Pickup Truck

Let's Help Jimmy Fallon Pick A Pickup TruckSTonight Show host Jimmy Fallon announced on-air that he’s in the market for a pickup truck, and was quickly inundated with pitches from Ford, Chevy and Ram on Twitter. Let’s help him wade through the PR hootenanny and find him his perfect four-wheeler!

On his March 5th show Fallon asked his band The Roots if they had any experience with truck ownership, to which they responded negative. An audience member yelled out the suggestion of an F-150, and when Fallon asked “how big is it,” the man replied “big enough.” The host had a little fun with that one for the rest of the show.

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Not to miss a social marketing opportunity, Ford took to Twitter to pitch Fallon on a King Ranch F-150, followed by a similar response from Chevrolet. Ram then took it to the next level, parking a loaded four-door Ram 1500 in front of Fallon’s studio at 30 Rockefeller Center with a sign saying “Big enough, Jimmy? Test it out.”

In an attempt to squeeze the last drop out of the marketing opportunity, they tweeted a photo of the pickup at the TV host with the hashtag #GUTSGLORYFallon. When Fallon affirmed that he wanted to buy his first truck as opposed to taking a free one, Ram promised to donate the vehicle’s MSRP to the charity of his choice which kinda redeems the intense demands for attention they threw in his face.

Automotive News neatly organized the automaker’s tweets, which was a great idea so I’ll do it too:

@jimmyfallon We think you should get a 2015 F-150 King Ranch edition

— Ford Trucks (@FordTrucks) March 6, 2014

Hey @jimmyfallon! Looking for a truck, huh? The #Silverado would look nice in the #FallonTonight family’s driveway. DM us & we’ll help!

— Chevrolet (@chevrolet) March 6, 2014

We’re waiting just outside of 30 Rock. Let’s take a ride @JimmyFallon, bring the little one too. #GUTSGLORYFallon

— RamTrucks (@RamTrucks) March 6, 2014

So what truck does the Truck Yeah! commentariat think the actor/comedian/famous guy get into, anyway? Before this deteriorates into another brand-bias battle (we are going to revisit that, I promise), let’s see if we can legitimately find the perfect truck for the former host of The Man Show.

Wait, what? How many talk show hosts from Bay Ridge named Jimmy are there?

Written by Lewis Shaw

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