Making a W221 out of a W140 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

It’s funny how perception works. Most people consider the W140-codenamed Mercedes-Benz S-Class from the 1990s as the behemoth of the series, but did you know that it’s actually smaller in every dimension than the new W222 S-Class? Imagine that…

Speaking of perception (and styling), you’ll no doubt have noticed the squared-off and imposing glasshouse of the W140 (1991-1998) on this model pictured on Polish website Zlomnik, but what’s with the design of the rest of the car; are those the arc fenders, mirrors and front and rear ends of the W221 (2005-2013)?

The answer is yes, and while the car is begging for a bigger set of wheels, the adaption of the W221′s styling characteristics on the W140′s body somehow seems to work in the strangest of ways. Thoughts?

By John Halas

Photo credits: Zlomnik

Shout out to Martin for the tip!



Written by Lewis Shaw

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