Ukrainian Maidan Traffic Volunteer Brings Magic of the Funny Kind to Kiev’s Roads

While the political tug-of-war between Russia and the West for the eyes of Ukraine continues to intensify, some locals are finding humor in the most mundane and unlikely of places: on the road.

Who knows why and how, but volunteers from Maidan, a protest movement described by an AP article on SF Gate as “a mixed bag of pro-Western intelligentsia and well-off businessmen, white-collar office clerks and student romantics, radical far-rightists, pop singers, poets and even priests“, and to which we can now add fans of Harry Potter, have taken to the roads to assist with traffic.

Or at least that was the original intent of the man you see in the following video shot on the streets of Kiev, Ukraine’s capital city.

By John Halas


[embedded content]

Written by Lewis Shaw

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