What BMW’s 3-Series GT and 4-Series GC Would Look Like in M3 and M4 Guises [w/Poll]

To my knowledge, BMW no intention of taking the 3-Series GT any further than it being an M-Pack model, with bigger wheels, slightly more aggressive styling and regular powerplants, yet since the Bavarians don’t make a hot estate version of their small exec sedan to rival Audi and Mercedes-Benz, an M3 GT would be the next best thing.

The rendering posted here I think proves that it would at least not look too bad all dressed up…

I mean, BMW makes much more obnoxious M models (X5 and X6), so this slightly taller, longer and more practical (still sedan-based) M-car would make a lot of sense. They could even ask more money for it if they wanted to (and probably would).

In the rendering, courtesy of AutoProjecoes, it gets all the latest M-goodies, like the aggressive front bumper with a small mouth and oversized cheek bones, wider fenders, skirts and the typical M-style rims that are as big as the arches and flares will allow.

Not trying to do BMW’s marketing and planning work for them, but this model could also be the only one with optional all-wheel drive, while still remaining as close to a true M-car as possible, nothing like the ridiculous Motorsport Activity Vehicles they now sell bearing the fabled letter.

It’s funny how BMW carves out all sorts of niches, but oftentimes ignores model ideas so blatantly obvious they hurt.

Feel free to comment in the dedicated section below, and tell us what other M-models BMW could be making but isn’t? DesignRM’s M4 Gran Coupe also posted here shows another potential idea.

Make sure you also vote in the poll created here; it will help give a general idea of opinions after it’s been up for a while…

By Andrei Nedelea

BMW M3 GT Rendering via AutoProjecoes , M4 GC Render via DesignRM

Poll: Which one should BMW make?



Written by Lewis Shaw

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